Persephone’s Garden

October 20-22, 2023 in Tucson, Arizona

A three day retreat to

Return to the Sacred Feminine

Welcome to Persephone’s Garden, a three day journey rich with sisterhood, self discovery and sensual delights.

This profound experience, set in the stunning desert garden of Tucson, Arizona, will deepen your understanding of your vast inner landscapes, your personal mysteries, and your sacred embodiment.

You know you were born for an extraordinary life, a life where you feel confident to speak, move and live from your Truth, your grace, your fullness…

And in these three days, exquisitely placed between eclipses, together we will descend into darkness to arouse our powers, awaken our divine inheritance, and pass through these ritual gates renewed.

When we descend, there is no other way but to rise!

Journey Down Persephone’s Staircase into the Dark Season of the Year and Unveil the TRUE YOU….

Know Your Power

In these three unforgettable days, you will be granted full permission to BECOME your feminine essence, embrace your inner light as the dark season approaches, embody true abundance & wealth, and illuminate the queen within.

Like Persephone, you will find Solace and Power in the Dark. 

In this safe, sacred and intimate container you will have the opportunity to GO IN and explore your inner world via your creative expression and dance rituals, as well as take a moment to truly receive in the form of a Persian dinner under the stars of the desert sky and once in a lifetime Cake Salon where together we will imbibe the foods of the goddess and soak in the energies of true abundance. 

You can make your payment here, and we will follow up with a Welcome Email sharing all the details you will need for your weekend. 

Essence Unbound...

We created this container as a means for each woman to truly find her own SOURCE and walk away renewed, empowered and connected to a community of modern day Queens. 

In this day of high tech, we long for analog, for real touch, real sound, real tastes, real connections, nature, and our own intimate depths more than ever.

Persephone’s garden is a multi-sensorial experience that will satisfy that longing.

For women especially, the sensual realms are key to our happiness, our success, our longevity and our fulfillment, and metamorphosize us into the fullness of our essence and our external offers into the world.

Divine Sisterhood

Beyond the tangible moments of culinary decadence, creativity through painting and revealing our inner soul landscapes, and ritual embodiment we will share, you will leave the garden with a revitalized connection to your truth, your power and your feminine essence.

You will also gain a sisterhood based on honor, respect & reclaiming the sacred feminine. 

(And if you’re like us, you CRAVE that level of connection more than anything in these times)

We don’t do catty here. No gossip. No drama. Higher selves and safe space only.

We come together to walk into the dark season of this year supported, revivified and connected not only to ourselves, but to a lineage of women who are wholly connected to the divine.

So come. Be yourself. Be your deepest, highest self. Let your true self be seen and expressed exactly as you are.

In a hyper masculine world, come indulge in feminine abundance and remember who you truly are.

Your Persephone’s Garden Itinerary

Friday October 20th 

  • 2 pm Registration, Logistics & Opening Ceremony
  • 3-5:30 pm Inner Landscape Painting Workshop with Kati
  • 5:30-6 pm Desert Walk & Sunset-in-Red Photoshoot
  • 6-8:30 pm Persian 4 Course Dinner by Hila Beneath the Desert Sky +  Surprise Persian Performance Under the Stars

Saturday October 21st 

  • 10 am-1 pm Temple Arts Embodiment Practices with Tenley
  • 1-3 pm Lunch and Optional Hike Break
  • 3-7 pm Sunset Cake Salon & Queen’s Counsel at Caitlin’s (serving 4 Divine Cakes, Magical Truffles and Libations) + Round Table Workshop on Unlimited Abundance

Sunday October 22nd 

  • 9:30 am -12 pm Temple Arts Embodiment Practices with Tenley
  • 12-1 pm Closing Ceremony Including Sound Healing with Kati
  • Optional after Closing Ceremony: Hike out at Saguaro National Park

What you’ll walk away with:

  • Sisterhood and New Forever Connections
  • YOU!!! Nourished, Empowered & Inspired for the Dark Season
  • Tools, Practices, & Rituals you can apply to your daily life now!
  • A Metamorphosis & Experience of a Lifetime
  • A Goddess Goody-Bag for your Body & Soul

Unbound Feminine Essence & Creative Power

What’s Included in Your $555 Purchase:

  • 3 Hour Painting Workshop
  • A Guided Desert Sunset Meditation + Photoshoot
  • 4-Course Persian Dinner & Performance
  • 6 Hours of Temple Arts Embodiment Practices
  • 4-Course Cake Salon & Queen’s Counsel
  • 1 Hour Sound Healing Ceremony
  • Event Photo Ceremonies with Jade
  • A Goddess Goody Bag
  • A Transformation of a Lifetime

What’s Not Included in Your Purchase:

  • Airfare & Transportation
  • Lodging
  • All Other Meals


Join us for this ritual experience of a lifetime!

Make your payment here, and we will follow up with your Welcome Email!


"Tenley’s presence and guidance redefined my relationship and embodiment of Sacred Dance and the Divine. What she offers is rich, juicy, sacred, spiritual, physical, inspirational, full of light and joy! Tenley's programs have been a catalyst for the unhindered unleashing of my spirit to awaken, motivating me to rise into my fully Divine Being! Thank you, Tenley, for being a perfect Mirror for enlightenment. Your humble nature makes the mirror that much clearer."

photo of Grace A. Grace A.

“Caitlin's cakes are indescribable! Words do not do them justice. If someone has not experienced them it’s like trying to explain a sunset to someone who is blind.”

photo of Annette M. Annette M.

“Caitlin really cares for her clients and is there for you to not only grow your business but also emotionally, spiritually and energetically. She understands the intuitive, sensitive woman so I felt seen and heard by her and am so grateful she created a program for a woman like me. I also set my voice free, came out of hiding online and no longer live in fear of being seen!”

photo of Hailey S. Hailey S.

"If you feel called to work with Tenley as your feminine empowerment guide, as I did, listen to those Divine promptings and lean in as *she is the real deal.* Every interaction is a JOY !! She brings a unique personality, professionalism, and a genuine interest in uplifting and activating women. I look forward to staying allied with Tenley’s Temple Fusion Arts offerings and beyond… I highly recommend her."

photo of Ayden B. Ayden B.

"Caitlin's desserts are pure alchemical delight!  Her creations marry the highest frequencies of love with deep base-notes of pleasure to form a perfect and playful union of flavors and textures, essence and intention.  If food is your love language, Caitlin's desserts will speak as deeply into your heart as it enthralls your tastebuds!"

photo of Kristy S. Kristy S.

I had only 2 hours of art education in my childhood. When Kati suggested I learn an art technique from her I was certain this was a waste of her valuable time. But with her acceptance and encouragement, I could not believe what I created. She teaches in such a gentle manner I was soon having fun and forgot my nervousness. I look at the pieces I created and am still not sure how I happened to make them, but I look forward to doing it again.

photo of Tiffany M. Tiffany M.

Tenley, your teachings are what have been missing in my dance experience. Your program has been quite a journey for me… my body is more sensitive. I’ve dropped twenty pounds. I’m more mindful of everything that goes into my body, even my thoughts. Emotion and memory trapped in my body are being processed. I’m in awe of your dedication, devotion and knowledge. This embodiment business is no joke.

photo of Julia F. Julia F.

I am truly grateful to Kati for creating a series of sound baths that have helped me along my spiritual journey and self rediscovery.  Kati has many beautiful gifts to share, but my favorite is when she sings in her sound healing sessions.  Her voice is strong and confident and it inspires me to let go and flow with it.   Each time a session comes to an end, I feel calm and have more self awareness.  Kati has a very kind and gentle way of being and I am very fortunate our paths have crossed.   

photo of Michelle P. Michelle P.

Meet Your Guides 

Temple Arts, Dance, Yoga with Tenley Wallace

Tenley Wallace specializes in guiding women to their unbound, innate feminine radiance and power, “Shakti.” Over 20 years ago, she founded Temple Tribal Fusion® (TTF®), a multi-disciplinary system for empowering women, with the goal of self-mastery and vitalization of Body – Energy – Heart – Mind.

Developed specifically for busy (and often overwhelmed) modern women, Tenley conveys difficult to find, authentic, lineage based teachings of Ancient Feminine Wisdom through the disciplines of dance, yoga, empowerment practices, and soul-stirring rituals. 

Tenley had the great fortune to study with dance and yoga legends around the world, leading to her development of TTF® which fuses Tribal Belly Dance, Indian Classical Dance, Persian Classical, and other Sacred Dance traditions, with Yogic Practices and Principles at the core. 

In 2002, Tenley began extensive study of various modalities and techniques in healing, intuitive readings, transformation, Tibetan Buddhism, and beyond. Her life’s journey, challenges, and victories are amongst her most significant teachers. This all comes together as the path and fuel that transforms her clients’ lives.

Through group programs, 1-on-1 mentorships, online and in person courses, Tenley works with women of diverse backgrounds and from every continent on the globe (other than Antarctica), and after decades of leading clients through life-changing breakthroughs, Tenley claims herself to be a midwife for women’s transformation. 

Amongst her greatest passions is teaching and performing internationally. And her hunger is never satiated to travel, study, speak foreign languages, and be immersed in the richness of our world’s traditional cultures.

Caitlin Naramore of Modern Queen

Caitlin Naramore is the founder of Modern Queen: the Feminine Approach to Business & Life. Caitlin helps healers and coaches design and build their elegant businesses to 6 figures and up as they master the art of online presence & business savvy. Caitlin is a stand for all women to become Queens of their own lives.

In addition to 1:1 and group coaching, Caitlin has hosted several women’s workshops and online programs. She is also a public speaker and has been seen in Yoga Magazine, Dress Magazine, San Francisco Chronicle, and interviewed on multiple podcasts.

Caitlin is also a world class chef, singer and dessert magician. She was co-founder of the renowned San Francisco vegan catering company, LoveMore Gourmet, creators of the acclaimed Twilight Truffles and has run kitchens in Hawaii and New York City as a sought-after private chef. Caitlin has prepared foods for acclaimed physicists, Nobel peace prize winners, authors, musicians and global entrepreneurs and is currently working on her first cookbook Cake: Her Love Language. 

Kati Astraeir of Solar Culture

Kati Astraeir is a multi-media mystical and visionary artist, sound healer & musician. Through many of her creative expressions, she offers herself as a vessel, in service as an inter-dimensional guide, bridging worlds, and inspiring others into a deeper connection with the higher source within.

Over many years, Kati has been holding space for the global community through consciousness raising events, hosting many world renowned musicians, sound healers and spiritual teachers. Venues such as the Galactic Center venue, the magical portal that transformed and impacted many people’s lives, and the legendary Solar Culture where she is now involved in curating art shows, and hosting a variety of events.

The journey through darkness inspired Kati’s deeper awakening, and a reclamation of her voice. She embarked on a healing journey, in the search of her true spirit. Many years of deep shadow work, and learning how to cultivate the states of flow, has led her to a breakthrough, a shift in focus of the awareness, and a dimensional shift that now includes service to others in her sound healing ceremonies and retreats. She collaborates musically with some of the greatest ambient masters to create Heaven on Earth. 

Jade Beall Photography

Jade Beall is a mother, a radical self-love coach and a Tucson, AZ based world-renown photographer specializing in truthful images of women to inspire feeling irreplaceably beautiful and good about one’s body as a counter-balance to the airbrushed photoshopped imagery of a single body shape and age that dominates main stream media.

Her work and books “The Bodies Of Mothers” and “The Crone Body” has touched millions of women’s lives and garnered global attention from media outlets including the BBC, The Today Show, The Huffington Post & beyond.

Jade’s books and social media platforms feature truthful photos of women alongside their stories of their journey to build radical self-love in a world that profits off women believing that their bodies are flawed and a problem, and never enough. Being human is often challenging, and our bodies are not the problem. Our bodies are sacred. We are beautiful.

Hila Granger, Plant Based Chef of Elemental Alchemy

Hila Granger is a plant-based chef with a background in the ancient practice of Ayurveda. She believes food is more than just food… That it connects us to the Earth, Spirit and to the ancestors.

Hila brings an experience of conscious dining so that you may savor each delicious bite with awareness. Food is an experience of the senses. Bringing reverence to each ingredient and the alchemy it creates is part of what makes Hila’s cooking unique. The ancient formula of Six Tastes in Ayurveda is what brings balance to Hila’s food offerings. In this formula, it activates all the systems of the body. People finish feeling not only satisfied in their palete but also in their belly.

Hila has almost two decades of experience in cooking, starting with her modest first training and chef position at Expanding Light Ashram. She is an Ayurvedic Practitioner who brings this ancient wisdom to the modern table. One of her favorite things is to take foodies on a culinary journey with the power of taste. She prepares each high quality ingredient with intention and love and to support deep nourishment to those who taste her food.

Nourish the Expanse of Your Unbound Essence, Elucidate Your Inner Queen, Enliven Your Feminine Courage.

Persephone's Garden October 20-22nd, 2023 Tucson, Arizona


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