Modern Queen Academy

A Digital Self-Study Training Course for the Female Entrepreneur Ready to Catapult Her Dreams up to 6 Figures+

I see you, Queen!  

As a born leader, healer, and change-catalyst, you yearn to be fully seen

& appreciated for who you are,  

and want to make a greater impact in the world.

You’re done with social, ancestral and self-imposed limitations & conditions

and are ready to show up unapologetically in your soul-aligned business.

So you can tap into abundance, create generational wealth,

and pay it forward to the ones who need you.


And it all begins with your powerful presence online – by simply being YOU, doing work you LOVE.

Perhaps You Relate...

  • You’re so full of talent and passion, but you’re having a hard time decoding your genius and getting KNOWN for it in the online space
  • Your soul yearns to SHINE on social media (just like other experts), but you dim your light with the fear of not being “good enough”, or you let the turmoil in the world get you down
  • You want to speak up about things that MATTER, but you struggle to translate your thoughts into content that connects + converts
  • You’ve been working with some clients, but you know that you’re meant to serve way BETTER clients (read: action-taking, fully invested, growth-driven women)
  • You know your work is worth way more than what you’re charging, but you don’t feel confident in raising your prices because of debilitating patterns and stories at the root
  • You dream of the day when you’d finally have an ethical marketing and sales system that attracts NEW clients every single day with zero cost
  • You want to be wired for 6 figures (and up) but you haven’t found a way to regulate your nervous system, so that larger numbers no longer activate your fight or flight, your fear of failure, or your fear of total success

To say the least, you’re ready to become the coach, leader, healer, storyteller, expert who radiates confidence, courage and compassion, and makes a shit ton of money like nobody’s business. 

Hi! Caitlin Naramore here and I truly get it!

I understand how it feels to be a “HIDDEN GEM” when you should truly be shining, speaking up, and changing lives with your soulful work. 

That’s why I’ve made it my mission to help driven coaches, healers & experts unlock their true genius, get noticed by the right people and get paid high-end prices for their work using my Modern Queen Paradigm. 


A business that makes your soul sing, and a bank account that helps you contribute to the causes that are close to your heart.

“I Just Totaled Up All My Sales For This Month And Can’t Believe It But I Just Did My First $14,000 In Sales! Thank You So Much For All Your Support And Guidance! You Gave Me The Tools And The Mindset To Create My First $14k Month!!”

photo of Laura L. Laura L. Energetic Healer & Coach for Sensitive Women & Social Justice Workers

“MQBA Has Hands Down Changed My Life. So Many Resources Are Given In This Program. I Felt Like Before I Was Always Chasing My Next Client Where Now, With The Help Of This Program I Can Generate 3-5X My Former Income. It Has Held Me To A Higher Standard Of Value”

photo of Asha R. Asha R. Channel and Medium, Founder of AER and Awakening SF

“Just Signed Two Clients In Two Days And Made My Income Goal For The Month! OMG!!! Excuse Me While I Have My Fist $5k Month!”

photo of Janine F. Janine F. Love Alchemy Coach

Here's How the Modern Queen Paradigm Works!


  • 12 Self-Study Video Training and PDF Coursework Modules
  • Modern Queen Academy Private Facebook Group
  • Bonus: ‘The Launch’ Step by Step Guidance How to Create a multiple 5 figure launch
  • The foundations of building your epic online business
  • How to Identify & Attract Your Ideal Dream Queen Client
  • Magnetic Messaging: How to Write Irresistible Content and Copy
  • Consistent & Confident Online Presence & leadership upgrade
  • Sustaining your business with passion, love, joy and pleasure
  • Attractive Branding + marketing moxie
  • Craft Your Elegant Offers
  • Sacred Sales and Aligned Client Enrollment
  • Steps to be a decisive and deeply feminine modern queen
  • Getting comfortable with the unknown for optimal success
  • $5-10K+ in consistent monthly earnings
  • the Foundation built for your epic business
  • visibility and powerful messaging on social media
  • sell with high integrity, connection and ease
  • Get more premium clients
  • Increased self-confidence in all areas of your life
  • an amazing Community of women entrepreneurs
  • A Queenly Business and Life
  • More love, more beauty, more health & more wealth in your life


  • Healing and releasing what no longer serves you, and showing up online with unshakable confidence and charisma (wealth ascension begins here!!)
  • Having a simple coaching or healing business where you get paid high-end prices to do exactly what you love doing
  • Knowing exactly what your unique genius is and what differentiates you from other coaches in your space (this alone will change the game for you!)
  • Having a full roster of clients and a waiting list of interested prospects eager to grab the next spot on your calendar
  • Offering soul-aligned EPIC packages & programs that deliver amazing results to your clients (more referrals anyone?)
  • Not being stressed about money because you’re creating wealth on YOUR terms without losing your soul in the process

Modern Queen Biz Academy is for ...

  • the women who is ready to step into Queen level leadership in her business, mission and life
  • is just getting started developing her online healing, coaching or wellness business and needs new tools and savvy skills to scale and grow
  • has been in business a year or two but is still feeling wobbly and hasn’t made a consistent income from her efforts
  • desires to leave her soul-sucking 9-5 and live a life of meaningful service that truly lights her soul on fire
  • is ready to turn her soul level wisdom, unique expertise and healing powers into a 6 or 7 figure business
  • is a go-getter and self-starter who is both open to support and also doesn’t need her hand held every step of the way (Ahem…QUEEN!!)
  • Knows it’s her time to SHOW UP and SHINE and Uplevel online so she can attract her Dream Queen Clients just by being who she is

Modern Queen Biz Academy is Not For ...

  • the woman who chooses to remain powerless in inaction or in victim “princess’ consciousness
  • aligns with the old archetype of Queen Bee who thinks others are meant to work for or beneath her, and that she doesn’t have to do her own healthy hustle
  • is not a team player, encouraging of other women and their success or is in it only for herself
  • is unwilling to make crucial changes for her growth in diet, mindset, money consciousness, healthy habits, relationships, etc.
  • is un-coachable, stubborn or unwilling to get uncomfortable in the Unknown

What we Cover in the Modern Queen Business Academy

Starter Module: Queen Positioning

Your ‘Why’ Anchoring the Spiritual Vision that Guides Your Business. Goal Setting. The ‘Throne’; Choosing Your Perfect Soul-Aligned Business.


Module 1: Wealth Ascension

Queen Energy Alignment. Unlimited Wealth & Mindset Trainings

Module 2: Your Dream Queen Client

Identify & Clarify Your Ideal ‘Dream Queen’ Client

Module 3: Magnetic Messaging

How to Attract Premium Buyers through the Diamond Clarity of your Voice & Clear Message that speaks directly to your tribe. Your Weekly Content Multiplier & A Profit Post Sequence You Can Use to Deliver & Sell Your Offers

Module 4: Your Royal Offers

Craft Your Elegant 4-5 Figure Offers & Signature Methodology

Module 5: Audience Growth & Lead Generation

Social Media Marketing and Organic Lead Generation to Boost Your Following & Client Connections

Module 6: Sacred Sales

Sacred Sales Training from the Heart & Soul. Handling Objections like a Jedi & Messenger Scripts for Authentic Outreach & Connection with Future Clients

Module 7: Your Queen Brand

Uplevel and Glamorize Your Online Brand with Iconic Visibility, & Your Brand Core Four: Values, Message, Identity & Aesthetics

Module 8: The Launch Part 1

The Master Map to Launch your Offers and Programs with Ease and Grace ($20k-$100k Launches)

Module 9: The Launch Part 2

Design a Regal Sales Page that Sells + Photo Shoot Savvy

Module 10: Modern Queen Empire Operations

Scheduling, Accountability, Contracts, Proposals & Operational Systems

Module 11

Build Your FB Group + The *5* Star Client Experience

Module 12: The Crown

Predictability and Sustainable Long Term Success


Monthly Guest Expert Trainings with 6 & 7 Figure Leaders (Value: $2000)

You’ll learn from some of the BEST in their fields to accelerate your growth. We’re talking 6-figure copywriting secrets, systems to enroll clients on autopilot, creating head-turning visual branding, email marketing magic and so much more!

VIP Upgrade

Private 1:1 Support with Your Academy Training

You can work with Caitlin 1:1 in this special Academy Elite VIP Offer. In addition to the entire Modern Queen Academy Library, you will receive 3 high-powered, results-at-light speed 90 minute 1:1 calls with Caitlin where where we will bring laser-focus and Queen level strategy to your specific business needs and next $100k bottom line evolution.


If your heart is saying, “THIS IS WHAT I’VE BEEN WAITING FOR!” Listen to it.

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