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If there’s one thing I know about you, it’s this….

You're a QUEEN

A leading-edge, future-seeing BADASS leader, healer and change-maker. 

A priestess, a lightworker and a seer. 

A health & wellness practitioner and life-transforming coach on a heart and soul-bent mission from God.

It’s no secret that you’re brilliant at connecting the spiritual dots as you have worlds of intuition within you and a deep knowing that you’re connected to the source. 

You know you’ve got it.

The drive, the desire, the skills and capacity to change hundreds if not thousands of lives.

You know you are ready to up level your whole life and serve like never before for these times.

The Problem is...

You feel stuck, mis-aligned, unclear of how to powerfully put yourself out there to the world.

In integrity, authenticity AND style…

True to your core values AND making a fantastic living at the same time.

Woman, you are not alone!

I have worked with hundreds of clients, and many of them come to me with similar fears and limiting beliefs about showing up and shining online:

“They will throw digital stones at me”

“I’m shy in front of a camera”

“I don’t know how to communicate my services in a way that converts to high ticket sales”

“My branding is outdated”

You can’t stop wondering…

“How do I package my divine gifts into ONE compelling offer that calls in premium clients?”

“How do I show up on social media without being judged or looking like “yet another” self-proclaimed expert?”

“Where’s my soul tribe? The one I’m here on this planet to serve! “

“And how do I charge high-end prices without coming off greedy or sleazy, or losing my soul?” 

I get it Queen, that’s why I’m here.

To help you powerfully own your own lane for once and for ALL.

The Reason...


A Light Leader. A Mystic.

A Knowing QUEEN sent from the Heavens to assist in the awakening and healing on Planet Earth.

You have the vision, now you just need the guidance how to effectively deliver the goods,

& BE the woman you know you were born to BE

Effective Sovereign Wealthy
& Wise

A QUEEN of her own Destiny, with a brand and marketing presence you are PROUD of.



What If I Personally Help You...

  • Clarify your vision and get grounded in your mission, so you have no confusion around what you’re meant to do on this planet with your gifts and spiritual powers
  • Identify your personal Queen Archetype & most optimal CEO Flow, and never have to feel drained, stressed or mis-aligned again
  • Channel powerful content to share online that’s true to your soul, speaks to the hearts of your dream clients, and motivates them to work with you immediately
  • Build an aligned, high-vibration brand that will help you scale your business to the million-dollar abundance (without having to sacrifice your spiritual gifts)
  • Completely shift your energy around social media marketing and feel the joy & ease in building your online empire
  • Create your own high value signature offer based on the perfect synergy between your ideal clients needs and your own unique skills and mastery

Your Journey To Quantum Shifts Is About To Begin.

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Your 3 & 6-Month Divine Design 1:1 Program

Let’s spend the next 3-6 months working closely on your mission-led business and make the following 5 upgrades that will change EVERYTHING for you.

Each of these upgrades have the potential to individually add 6-figures of long-term value to your business. By the end of our work together, you’ll know exactly what you stand for, how you bring immense value to your clients’ lives, and an elegant sales system to call in clients who happily make high 5-figure investments to work with you.

Your Queenly Brand

We’ll crystalize your brand identity (messaging, visuals and your queenly vibe) so you can clearly communicate the galactic value you bring to the world and captivate high-end clients with your online presence

Royal Energy & Money Mindset

Step into a higher abundance timeline by reconnecting with source energy and activating new portals for quantum freedom. With the royal money mindset upgrade, you’ll expand your capacity to receive ($10K+ pay-in-full payments, collaboration opportunities and the recognition you deserve)

Elegant Leadership

Get grounded in your mission, so you can cut through the noise, lead with confidence and call in your soul clients effortlessly (people who are excited to immerse in your energy and work with you)

Sold-Out Offers & Sacred Sales

Learn the Modern Queen way to create a premium offer that practically sells itself and gets your clients amazing results. You’ll also get access to my Sacred Launch & Sales Strategy that makes it a no-brainer for your clients to get attracted and invest in your offers

6-Figure Content Upgrade

The New Earth leaders need a new way of connecting with the souls they’re meant to serve. I’ll show you how to channel compelling and high-converting content that doesn’t feel like yet another “template or formula.”

“I have just mapped out my $340k year with Caitlin, and feeling fully resourced as I expand into what I’m here to share. In the first 4 months of this year I have made $120k after earning just $40k a year for 4 years in row. Working with Caitlin is a journey of prosperity and soul-aligned purpose.”

photo of Meisha B. Meisha B. Reclamation Coach & Founder of Root Healing

"I have had amazing results that I have not experienced with other coaches before working with Caitlin. Caitlin activated and sparked my inner light of authority through the weekly coaching sessions, and helped me embody success in my business. It is a very sacred exchange and it is a priceless gift."

photo of Claudia W. Claudia W. Confidence Coach

"As a solo entrepreneur, I work with Caitlin because partnering with a guide like her -- who is empathetic, measured and clear -- has helped me to step fully into my business these past 9 months. Without a doubt, Caitlin's support during this phase of business development has bolstered my confidence to keep moving things forward, step-by-step."

photo of Sharon U. Sharon U. Founder of Waterbear Planet: Relaxation through Nature Sounds for Eco Businesses

"What a delight and what an excitement to have overcome my negative beliefs about money! Caitlin helped me realize my worth in just two sessions of working with her, she shed light on some deep seated issues and clarified the direction I needed to take. The day after our second session I was able to attract a client at double my normal rate!

photo of Corinna S. Corinna S. Energy Healer

"One of the biggest obstacles for me was around feeling comfortable putting a higher price tag on my work. Through working with her, I've not only gotten so much more comfortable with asking for what I'm worth, but have also packaged my offerings in ways that feel more sustainable for me, while better serving both me and my students/clients."

photo of Jess C. Jess C. Singer and Sound Healer

"I signed up with Caitlin for a specific area I felt stuck in my business. She not only resolved the issue with structure and frameworks that helped me understand how to strategize better to resolve the issue completely, but she also provided deep creative insight to my branding beyond what I could see for myself. I left every session feeling invigorated, inspired, and full of clarity."

photo of Lindsay B. Lindsay B. Executive Coach & Consultant

"These 3 months have been life-changing. From literally charging a few hundred dollars for my award-winning radio pieces to 3 clients at $150k!"

photo of Ahri G. Ahri G. Media Midwife Podcast Coach & Founder of STILLPOINT

Private Coaching Experience Includes:

90-Minute Energy Upgrade & Planning Intensive (for those who choose to pay-in-full)

We’ll begin our coaching container by clearing and upgrading your energetic field, so you’re no longer a subject to outdated beliefs and get ready for full system upgrades around New Earth leadership, soulful marketing and premium brand identity. We’ll also clarify your goals and create a plan of action for you to follow during our time together, so you can take focused, informed, intentional action.

One-Hour Weekly Coaching Calls

You’ll have 4 private coaching sessions with me each month for deep mindset work and strategy for high-end client attraction. These coaching calls will be your space to get coached on any and everything you need to propel your business forward at high speed. 

Voxer Coaching (Monday-Friday)

You’ll receive support in-between our coaching calls through Voxer where you can ask questions, have ongoing feedback, and get coached whenever needed. Imagine the level of attention and support that’s going to be available to you.

Access to The Modern Queen Business Academy

Are you transitioning from the offline space to the online world? Need to educate yourself on a certain aspect of growing an online business? Want sustained support between our calls? No problem. You’ll get access to my sold-out Modern Queen Business Academy where you can log in and watch the training that you need help with the most.  

Deep Creative Insight

“I signed up with Caitlin for a specific area I felt stuck in my business. She not only resolved the issue with structure and frameworks that helped me understand how to strategize better to resolve the issue completely, but she also provided deep creative insight to my branding beyond what I could see for myself. I left every session feeling invigorated, inspired, and full of clarity.”

Lindsay B.

NeuroPsychologist + Executive Coach + Leadership Development Trainer

Building My Vision & Brand

“Deciding to invest in myself was investing in my business, building my vision and my brand. Caitlin laid out the roadmap of how I was going to reach my goals, held me accountable and pushed me though difficult thought processes. Caitlin is the real deal.”

Ask Max

Teen & Family Performance Coaching 

Set My Voice Free

“Caitlin really cares for her clients and is there for you to not only grow your business but also emotionally, spiritually and energetically. She understands the intuitive, sensitive woman so I felt seen and heard by her and am so grateful she created a program for a woman like me. I also set my voice free, came out of hiding online and no longer live in fear of being seen!”

Haily S.

Innate Allure Feminine Empowerment Coach 

You Have a Decision to Make!


Just like there’s a reason you’re here on this planet, there’s a reason you’re on this page right now. Your soul has been longing to break free from the shackles of the old paradigm of business and shift into a new & more aligned way of creating abundance. 

Yes! You want those pay-in-full clients! 

Yes! You want to create $5-20K months! 

But you don’t want to sell your soul or sacrifice your highest calling to get there. You don’t want to become a slave to your time, goals and desires. 

You want to stand in your natural power and create an ethical, lavish heaven on earth. A brand that’s alluring, marketing that WORKS, and a divinely appointed program you can’t wait to deliver.

Let me help you do just that! 

Will you? 

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