The Feminine Approach to Business & Life


Queen, you want more …

You are not the type to sit on the sidelines and let your life, visions, purpose and power fall by the wayside.

In fact, if you’re like me you’ve been an entrepreneurial fire-starter for years who is now ready,  BORN READY to claim your THRONE and matriarchal leadership with high integrity, ethical wealth & sustainable power in these changing times.

You are not here to be a commodity but to be one of the very best in your field as a coach, healer and wellness guide.


Because you are a rare gem with a heart the size of 3 galaxies, and are here to BE the solution, yes, in potential 6 figure style.

Here at the Modern Queen, WE SEE YOU.

And help extraordinary women exactly like you level up, refine and elevate your business and brand to its most lucrative, influential capacity. Did I mention in style?

Welcome to your Queendom.

This is where your version 11.0 begins.

modern queen mindset

Your decades of negative programming are creating your current results.
It’s time to change that.

I get you, beautiful change-maker. You’re ready to create infinite abundance & freedom for yourself and the ones whose souls you’re meant to touch. But there are decades of scarcity patterns ingrained in each cell of your body – limiting your ability to become the person that has it all.

Let me help you clarify exactly which money and old-world paradigm is programmed into you, and how it’s blocking your path to create true abundance. Finally, release your subconscious and energetic blocks to create true wealth, success, influence and impact.

Make an Impact

I truly believe when you accelerate your income, you’re able to create an even deeper impact in the world. By focusing on wealth ascension for yourself, you’re also transforming the lives of the ones who need you – whether it’s a neighbor across the street, donating to an elephant rescue in Africa or planting trees around the world, being a Modern Queen means making a bigger impact ON THE WORLD, and giving back from a place of overflow and deep heart. Click here to contribute back to the world we love.

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