Hello, I'm Cait!

As a Business & Wealth Ascension Coach, I’m dedicated to helping New Earth Leaders, Healers and Coaches activate their soul mission, accelerate their income and create a life of divine abundance.

Through the Modern Queen Business Academy (an online program for coaches looking to work towards their first $100K), World-Class Private Coaching and training videos inside the Modern Queen Femmepreneur Collective (a FREE community of trailblazers),

I support spiritual women heal the planet with their gifts and become the most empowered women in their lineage.

Why Modern Queen?

Because I firmly believe that as a multidimensional spiritual being, you’re meant to serve your tribe from the seat of your soul – with all your grace, power and magic. But…

Too often, you end up playing ‘lady in waiting’ or ‘second in command’ to others.

Too often, you let your own light dim to make others feel safer or more comfortable.

Too often, you choose to hold back rather than take full command of your life, your truth and your influence.

So, the Modern Queen is the antidote to this.

It’s my soul song, my HELL NO to playing small and my FUCK YES to going big.

It’s my warrior’s cry to help women find their crown and own their worth.

It’s my call for women around the globe to expand into a life of bounty and wonder.

Making Powerful Decisions..

I was once the woman who would shiver at the very thought of speaking up and taking a stand for myself. Trauma from sexual abuse at a young age, panic attacks and lack of self-worth as a result of these, I’ve faced it all. 

But there comes a time in your life when enough is enough. When hiding your truth is not an option anymore and you can’t wait to live up to your highest potential. 

That’s when I decided to wind down my 20-year career as a chef that included my vegan catering company LoveMore Gourmet in San Francisco, CA, my decade long chocolate company Naramore Chocolates & being a private chef for global celebrities, world renowned scientists & billionaires with white marble kitchens in Manhattan.

Yes, DESPITE being a top chef, I was ready to get out from behind the stove, follow my heart and make a greater impact in the world.

My soul was calling me into deeper healing, deeper purpose and deeper leadership. So, I hired my first business coach to build my online Queendom.

And in a few short years, I’m literally living the life of my dreams.

  • From sailing the Pacific Coast and hiking the harrowing cliff ledges of Grand Canyon + Kauai to hang-gliding 8000 ft in the clouds over the mountains of California…
  • From paragliding over Lake Atitlan Guatemala to free-diving with Dolphins and Whales in Hawaii…
  • From eating the finest pastries in Paris to walking the spice markets of Istanbul & Mumbai. From Moonrise meditations at the Acropolis to dressing up to the nines in New York Cities top rooftop bars…
  • From swimming face to face with Sharks and Manta Rays in Bora Bora to rappelling down the waterfalls and white water rafting in Costa Rica…
  • From glamping on the Colorado Plateau mesas to staying in the world’s finest 5-star resorts in the 20+ countries I have visited…

I’ve experienced it all.


I want to help you create a business where you are serving premium, pay-in-full clients with excitement, sharing your heart-felt message with confidence and living a deeply rich life.

I want my future to begin now!

"Caitlin is truly a loving, embodied Queen and miraculous Angel, whose brilliant, devoted and generous heart and wisdom is worth more than gold. If you are a femme lightworker who is ready for a life and abundance upgrade, she is the rare, extraordinary gem of a master coach you could ever wish for!"

photo of Kailiya L. Kailiya L. Founder of Sonic Lumin

There are a few incredibly valuable wins I want to share from my work (to date) with Caitlin. First, and most excitingly, I just sold my highest priced package (ever) to a private client! This absolutely could not have happened without Caitlin’s expert guidance through the process of refining my business offerings and designing my unique programs.

photo of Jessica C. Jessica C. Sound Healer

I work with Caitlin because partnering with a guide like her -- who is empathetic, measured and clear -- has helped me to step fully into my business these past 9 months. Without a doubt, Caitlin's support, encouragement and loving presence during this phase of business development has bolstered my confidence to keep moving things forward, step-by-step.

photo of Sharon U. Sharon U. CEO of Waterbear Planet

Thank you for reading this far.

I believe this is the beginning of a new journey.

Let’s stay connected!

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